IVDP presented RDD + project

On Friday, the IVDP presented the Project “IVDP RDD+”, a support and training system for public administration, in a session chaired by the Minister of Agriculture, Maria do Céu Antunes in Porto.

In this session, the Minister of Agriculture said that the agricultural and agrifood sector showed great resilience in the face of this pandemic. He never stopped and knew how to react. Through various measures to support the wine sector, it was possible to provide liquidity and treasury to companies.

It is also necessary to modernize the services provided by public bodies, to adapt not only to this new reality, but also for the near future.

The presentation of this RDD+ portal, aimed at the wine sector in the Douro Demarcated Region, is an example of this. This will be the point to which not only the 20 thousand producers must be addressed, but also traders, stockists and exporters, as well as citizens, for all the necessary services and information, in a closer, more modern and more effective relationship.

The project, explains the IVDP, responds to the needs of the economic agents of the wine sector in the Douro Demarcated Region, where the intention is to implement a portal that works as a service and integrated management platform that encompasses winegrowers, traders, stockists, and exporters.

“Through innovative tools, this integrated global technology project will allow positive effects on the organization of the IVDP, with the simplification of processes, reengineering, and dematerialization, thus increasing the capacity of the public administration as a result of the exercise of its core areas of operation, control and inspection, certification, defense and protection, promotion and communication”, says IVDP President Gilberto Igrejas.

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