IVDP welcomes historic agreement after 10 years of negotiations

The Douro and Port Wine Institute, I.P. (IVDP) welcomes the agreement between the European Union (EU) and China on the protection of the Geographical Indications (GI) of both countries, which is perhaps one of the largest bilateral agreements ever in this field , after 10 years in negotiations.

This is a historic and comprehensive agreement, which already gives protection to 100 EU IGs, including the IG Douro and Porto, Port and Oporto, being protected in the Chinese market”, assures the president of the IVDP, Gilberto Igrejas.

The IVDP recalls that the protection afforded to these GIs is complete, which means that, shortly after the entry into force of the agreement, only wines with the designations Douro and Porto that comply with their certification and certification requirements may be marketed on the Chinese market. control.

This bilateral agreement also provides that, 4 years after its entry into force, its scope is extended to an additional 175 IG of both parties. After this deadline, the IVDP stresses, a mechanism is still foreseen that will allow the addition of other GIs.

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