Ivete Sangalo closes the Rock in Rio Celebration in Lisbon

Rock in Rio Celebration reaches over 4 million people through social networks and over 3 million people through broadcasts

Rock in Rio-Lisboa’s digital platforms reached over 4 million and 500 thousand people during the three days of the event.

The place of celebration, in the Tower of Belém, passed 182,425 people.

The unprecedented show that marked these 15 years featured video mapping, fireworks and a lot of music, with a Symphonic Concert orchestrated by Maestro Rui Massena, James‘ pop-rock and the contagious energy of Ivete Sangalo.

Rock in Rio Celebration, an event that celebrated the festival’s 15th anniversary in Portugal and took place on September 6, 7 and 8 at the Belém Tower, impacted over 4 million people through the festival’s social networks and over 3 million people. people through television broadcasts.

Watching live the show created at the Tower of Belém, which combined video mapping, pyrotechnics and music on an unprecedented guitar stage, were over 182,000 people.

On the last day of the event, when Ivete Sangalo acted, the space was sold out, having passed through the venue, according to PSP, 80,000 people gathered in the streets surrounding the gardens of the Belém Tower.

In Portugal, Brazil and around the world, there were several million people attending the celebrations of Rock in Rio’s arrival in Lisbon.

The balance of this celebration is extremely positive. The numbers reinforce the impact and relevance of the content but these three days have become even more special as they have been able to show exactly what Rock in Rio is: a platform that can deliver unique and unforgettable moments through music” emphasizes Roberta Medina, Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio.

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