IX Cantabile Festival opens today in Lisbon with two concerts

The IX Cantabile Festival, under the artistic direction of the violinist Diemut Poppen, opens today in Lisbon with two concerts, and runs until the 28th.

‘The Bach children’ opens the program of the festival, today, at 11:00 am, at the Nuno Álvares Pereira School at the Casa Pia in Lisbon, installed in the former Convent of the Salésias, in Belém, presenting a special program reserved for students integrated music, “according to the organization.

In the evening there is a concert at the Convent of the Cardaes, at Bairro Alto, filled with the “Goldberg Variations” by Johann Sebastian Bach, transposed into a string trio, performed by violinist Maria-Elisabeth Lott, cellist Wen-Sinn Yang, and by Diemut Poppen, who also takes the artistic direction.

In addition to Diemut Poppen, Wen-Sinn Yang and Maria-Elisabeth Lott, the Cantabile soloists group consists of Natalia Prishepenko and Afonso Fesch (violin), Hayk Katchatyran and Pavel Gomziakov (cello), Paolo Giacometti (piano), Pablo Barragán (clarinet) and Lyudmila Krasnyuk (viola d’arco).

The program continues on Monday, in the lobby of the National Theater of São Carlos, under the direction of Diemut Poppen, with the interpretation of a program consisting of Sonata No. 5 in D major for violoncello and piano by Ludwig van Beethoven, “Fragments for solo clarinet”, by António Pinho Vargas, and Johannes Brahms’ String Quintet in the Great Sun.

On the 26th, also at 18:00 and in the same scenario, the group of soloists of the festival interprets the Sonata in C minor for Viola d’Arco e Piano, Luigi Boccherini, Rhapsody for Clarinet, Giacomo Miluccio, Capricho N. 24, in a clarinet version by Niccoló Paganini, the string quartet version of Giacomo Puccini’s “I Crisantemi”, and Piotr Tchaikovsky’s “Souvenir of Florence” sextet.

The program also includes a concert at the National Museum of Music, on the 27th, ending the following day with a concert by the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra under the direction of maestro José Eduardo Gomes, with soloists Maria-Elisabeth Lott, Pavel Gomziakov and Diemut Poppen.

The program consists of Robert Schumann’s Cello Concerto, Béla Bartók’s Concerto for Viola and Beethoven’s Violin Concerto.

The Cantabile Festival is an initiative of the Goethe Institute / Instituto Alemão, which has been held in and around Lisbon since 2010.

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