J.Mystery releases LIVE version on Arda Recorders

“The idea of recording these songs came up with André Tentugal who has been with me since the beginning and together we have designed a visual aesthetic for this entire project. In this initial launch phase, it was important to be able to show the public alternative versions, and with a band, of some of my songs. We chose 3 songs, “Breakdown”, “Better Days” and “Everlasting Love”, songs that will be part of the second EP.
The location chosen for recording these songs live was the Arda Studios in Porto. A very special place for me because it was there that I took my music production course and where I learned a lot and met a lot of people, including my current producer Francisco Reis.
The cinematographic style that characterizes André Tentugal’s work is the perfect connection to my themes and brings a very special immersion that attracts people to the videos and music. For me, it’s a huge privilege to be able to work with super talented people that I admire and together develop work that elevates my music even further.”, says J.MYSTERY.
J.MYSTERY is a singer-songwriter, an enigmatic artist who defies categorization, seamlessly blending various musical influences to create a captivating sound. With a unique approach to songwriting and an unmistakable presence, he takes listeners on a journey through mystery and introspection. J.MYSTERY combines elements of alternative rock, electronic and atmospheric pop, resulting in a captivating, beautiful and deeply reflective soundscape.
J.MYSTERY’s enigmatic personality is not only reflected in his music but also in his stage presence and his entire visual aesthetic. His music and magnetic performances create a transcendental atmosphere that engages the audience. J.MYSTERY is beginning to chart a unique path in the music industry, challenging traditions and expanding the limits of sonic exploration. His enigmatic sound and captivating performance have earned him a dedicated following who eagerly await each new release, anticipating the mysteries to come in J.MYSTERY’s music. Owner of a unique voice, he presents songs in English and the depth of the lyrics and melodies show that he had been hidden for too long. The release of his new EP is scheduled for the 1st half of the year. J.MYSTERY has already released the breakthrough singles “Better Days”, “Breakdown”, and “Everlasting Love” (airplay on Smooth Fm and Smooth Cool).
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