Lhast’s new single is now available

EViL is a topic that addresses evil in the world.

To the sound of an afrobeat that leaves no one indifferent, Lhast talks about the difficulties he had to overcome to reach the spotlight and reinvent himself. In a way, he is «trying to let go of what holds [him] down» to continue on his path, always focused on the goals he sets for himself.

The song appears after Lhast have taken to the stages of some of the most prestigious national festivals, MEO Marés Vivas and Super Bock Super Rock, respectively, in what was the great confirmation of an artist who is increasingly close to achieving his great intention, the pinnacle of the Portuguese music scene.

As a producer, Lhast was the mind behind some of the biggest national hits of the last decade, a key element in the discovery of new textures and musical composition by artists. Currently, it has more than two dozen songs awarded with Gold and Platinum awards, a record that only tends to increase, quite possibly as well, with EViL.

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