Jaguwar release their album “Gold”

Berlin-Dresden trio JAGUWAR blasted their way into the hearts of rowdy romantics with the vast sonic landscapes that characterized the trio’s 2018 debut album, Ringthing. Oyèmi, Lemmy and Chris subsequently embarked on a phase of intense touring before returning to the studio to create their second album GOLD.

GOLD is a super-charged explosion of future pop, transcending borders and defying hiding places, an album that arises from the band’s willingness to experiment. GOLD is not only danceable, eared and affectionately complex, it also goes against the status quo, asking questions about the current state of affairs and the oppressive mechanisms in our society. GOLD is not a direct denunciation but a soundtrack to accompany the perception that there is strength in individuality, thus unlocking a new level of productivity.

The devious melodies merge with a familiarly vociferous wall of sound to create an atmosphere that galvanizes the band’s quest for freedom. Thanks to a seemingly limitless arsenal of effect devices and a sizable stack of amplifiers,  JAGUWAR creates a wealth of elegant soundscapes. Sparkling tonal snippets seep into layers and layers of auditory strata, leading to catchy indie pop hooks that set up an epic storm of thunderous guitars. Oyèmi and Lemmy’s alternate vocals are the missing links in a world of stark contrasts.

The band’s eyes are clearly on the future. GOLD is more than a symbiosis of intricate play and the empowering force of innermost desires. GOLD is a request for justice.

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