James dos Reis reveals today the new single “E QUÊ?”

“E QUÊ?” is the new single by James dos Reis, produced by musician and producer six, which succeeds “Whatever” and “Toma”. The third of several themes to be edited under the seal of Real Caviar is now available on all streaming platforms.

If in “WhateverJames dos Reis showed his most dense and introspective interpretation of R&B, in the song and video of “E QUÊ?” sings and wiggles out of the box, in a contagious African-pop tune, surrounded by people, archetypes of his and our lives, celebrating the freedom to do what he wants.

“As a black man, coming from a neighborhood, I feel constantly being questioned by society, full of whys. In “E QUÊ?” I speak of evolution, that is, I transmit my vision, I try to demystify ideologies, behaviors and prejudices, what is right or wrong nowadays. I feel that we are going through a moment in which we increasingly question ideologies that were dormant or were hardly discussed. This reality is increasingly accentuated, alongside the confrontation between generations. I wanted to take all of this and demonstrate that in life we ​​can be what we want, we just need courage”.

James dos Reis believes that the path to the future is human energy because nothing is more inspiring and mobilizing. As an artist, he sees the future as a permanent stimulus to innovation and exploration of his own limits. Its main objective is to touch people and make them feel something, through the melody or the stories they sing.

Author and performer, James dos Reis seduces us with a fresh sound, in an irresistible fusion between pop and the balance of African rhythms that evoke its roots and musical influences, which in addition to Afro-pop, have the mark of soul and r & b, very connected to its route in London.

Although the connection to music is omnipresent in his life, it was only at the age of 17 that James dos Reis started showing his voice to those around him. In search of new personal experiences, in 2016 he moved to London, where he ended up finding yet another vocation, modeling. Keeping his international representation in the fashion field, James dos Reis returns to Portugal four years later, to embrace what inspires him most in life: music.

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