Jameson Urban Routes returns to Musicbox

The iconic Jameson Urban Routes Festival, a regular presence at Musicbox and at the Lisbon nightlife festival between 2007 and 2019, is finally returning on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of November.

Eddie Chacon, Lord Apex, Ana Frango Elétrico, Dame Area, Ralphie Choo, Conference Inferno, DJ Babatr & DJ Marfox are some of the artists who will mark this edition.

Jameson Urban Routes is back as you always knew it, in a partnership between Musicbox and the Jameson whiskey brand. Born in 2007, as the first indoor festival organized by a club, it has been one of the main barometers of trends in modern and urban music.

After having been on the stage for major performances in Portugal by artists such as Toro Y Moi (2010), El Guincho (2010), Glass Animals (2014), Future Islands (2014), Karol Conká (2019), Kelsey Lu (2019), Bad Gyal (2019) and also the stage for the first performance of what is one of the projects with the greatest musical impact on a national level in recent years, Orelha Negra (2008), Jameson Urban Routes returns to Musicbox, in Lisbon, for three Programming days organized into six sessions.

Session #1 | November 2nd | 8:30 pm
Eddie Chacon + Ana Frango Elétrico + Romeu Bairos

Eddie Chacon is a low-key R&B Legend. After 30 years away from music, he returned in 2020 with the album “Pleasure, Joy, and Happiness” alongside John Carroll Kirby, one of the most recognized producers on the R&B scene. He presents his most recent album “Sundown”, released by the prestigious Stones Throw Records, where he seeks to convey an honest portrait of what he lives and is. He is joined by the multi-disciplinary artist from Rio, Ana Frango Elétrico, who comes to present her third album: “Me Chama de Gato Que Eu Sou Sua”, debuting on October 20th, where she explores the perception and feelings surrounding queer love. Romeu Bairos completes the program for this first session. Born in Furnas, he presents his new project focused on a contemporary interpretation of traditional Azorean songs.

Session #2 | November 2nd | 00:30
Only Fire + Mariño, Lainx & Phaser (Popper DJs)

Croatian DJ and producer, Only Fire makes his debut in Portugal. The electronic artist has taken the techno scene to an innovative level through his cybernetic aesthetic, where he mixes strong, fun beats with a cold vibe, with sexually explicit lyrics recited by Siri’s robotic voice. He gained prominence in 2020 with the song “Asmr” which is part of the “Double Penetration” project. Popper DJs are a collective that combines the queer nightlife universe with the effervescence and ephemerality of pop and underground raves.

Session #3 | November 3 | 8:30 pm
Lord Apex (Co-Curated with Versus) + Cíntia + Marianne

Lord Apex, the West London rapper with New York City flows and one of the UK’s underground hip-hop favorites, debuts in Lisbon with his new project. After sharing the stage with big names like Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, and The Alchemist, among many other hip-hop references, he steps onto the Musicbox stage. With an infinite discography, his relaxed flow goes beyond lo-fi and boom-bap and has been a reference since the time of the Soundcloud rap movement in early 2010. Apex presents his new album “The Good Fight”, which already has the two introductory singles “Blessings” and “Smokers Longe”. Cíntia, a young composer and performer, born and raised in Apelação in Loures, has brought a new sound to music with her afro swing. Influenced by names like Força Suprema, she stood out with the single “Grana” (2019) and the EP “Gyals and Gyals” (2020). The beginning of the evening is in charge of Marianne, a multidisciplinary artist of Portuguese-Swiss origin, who has been making waves recently. Still, at the beginning of her career, she explores sounds beyond academic conventions, with improvisation and performance very present in her musical identity.


Session #4 | November 3 | 00:30
Ralphie Choo + Pedro da Linha + Bushbby

The future of Spanish music passes through Ralphie Choo. The Madrid singer-songwriter fuses his city’s history through traditional Spanish influences and instruments with the unpredictable and changing energy of the present to create something that feels like the future. Rising Madrileño will present their debut album “SUPERNOVA”, announced for September 15th by RUSIA IDK, where they explore flamenco, contemporary pop, Latin trap, and the fusion of everything in between. After the single “GATA”, Ralphie released “MÁQUINA CULONA” with Mura Masa, a colorful electronic summer anthem. (P.S. Do you remember C. Tangana’s debut on Musicbox in 2019? You should!). Also in the same session, the booth is in charge of Pedro da Linha, DJ and music producer who has been exploring Portuguese music, from fado to popular music, translating it to the dance floors, and Bushbby, DJ and British artist -London-based Colombian singer who explores the sounds and roots of Latin-American music. He is inspired by the sounds of the Caribbean and the sound systems he grew up in, both in Colombia and in the UK underground.

Session #5 | November 4th | 8:30 pm
Inferno Conference + Dame Area + Azu Tiwaline

The darkwave trio from Porto, recognized for their distinctly undefeated post-punk, is proof that you don’t need drums or guitars to be punk. Inferno Conference will present its second feature film, “Post-Esmeralda”, which will be released in October. After releasing “Ata Saturna” in 2021, Francisco Lima, Raul Mendiratta, and José Miguel Silva showed that the planet can have more empathetic constructions through their music. Dame Area, Silvia Konstance, and Viktor L. Cruz give shape to the project that mixes synthesizers and live percussion, industrialism, and tribalism, bringing together several universes such as tribal wave, techno-punk, and industrial post-punk. They released their first songs in 2018 and, since then, they have performed throughout Europe. Azu Tiwaline is a music producer recognized for exploring her origins, rooted in the Sahara region and EL Djerid, in southern Tunisia. Their sounds connect Berber and Saharan transé music through vibes that transport the audience to a mystical introspection.

Session #6 | November 4th | 00:30
DJ Babatr + DJ Marfox + Gracie T

The last session is in charge of DJ Babatr, a Venezuelan dance music veteran. In the music industry since the 90s, the DJ and producer from Catia, a neighborhood in Caracas, is the pioneer of raptor house, a fusion of European trance, ghetto house, and Afro-Latin rhythms. Even today it sounds fresh with its vigorous grooves, being one of the references of the nocturnal universe in all of South America. DJ Marfox is the boss. He needs no introduction, being the national pioneer in mixing kuduro, funaná, samba, and tarraxo with elements of house and techno. Gracie T, DJ located in Sheffiliated, United Kingdom, was part of the Daytimers collective. It has been gaining universal prominence. showcasing South Asian heritage, delving into the renaissance of the Asian Underground.

The 14th edition of Jameson Urban Routes has its complete lineup. Tickets for each session are on sale starting today at or

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