Japan helps São Tome and Principe with 1.6 million euros

The Japanese government has granted São Tome and Principe non-refundable financial aid of € 1.6 million for the development of the fisheries sector, said the Japanese ambassador to the country, Masaaki Sato.

The Japanese diplomat living in Libreville and the Sao Tome Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Community, Elsa Pinto, signed an agreement in the Sao Tome capital today.

This aid represents an amount of about 1.6 million euros allocated by Japan for the purchase of products and services necessary for the fishing industry,” said Masaaki Sato, stressing that the value will allow the acquisition of off- board and fishing materials for artisanal fishermen.

Japan has a lot of experience linked to fishing activities and, convinced by the fact that fish contributes greatly to the improvement of São Tomé and Príncipe’s food security and to the nutritional health of its population, has expressed its interest in strengthening the sector of fisheries, proposing this aid to the Government, “explained the diplomat.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and the Community, Elsa Pinto, said that this aid “is of paramount importance“, believing that the future acquisition of fishing materials will “supply the national market and improve the diet food, strengthen the fisheries sector and consequently the economic and social development “of the country.

Elsa Pinto argues that external aid “is not eternal”, so “the final destination of foreign aid must be centred in the productive sector to the multiplier effect.”

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