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Jardins do Marquês confirms Kriol Kings, Tabanka Djaz and Batida b2b Bonga

July 6th dedicated to the sounds of Lusophony

The Jardins do Marquês Festival – Oeiras Valley once again dedicates one of its 7 nights to the sounds of Lusophony.

African rhythms invade the gardens next to the Marquês de Pombal Palace in Oeiras on July 6th. The Kriol Kings, a project by Nelson Freitas and Djodje, take to the main stage, with the first part performed by Tabanka Djaz. And, that same night, Batida b2b Bonga took over the Nortada Stage.
The Kriol Kings project results from the meeting of Nelson Freitas and Djodje, two of the biggest names in Portuguese-speaking music, to empower Cape Verde, through Culture. Today it is difficult to talk about the music of Cape Verde, which travels all over the world from there, without mentioning the contribution made by Nelson Freitas, with his marriage between Cape Verdean zouk and R&B. Themes such as “Miúda Linda”, “Bo Tem Mel” or “Break of Dawn”, with Richie Campbell, are sweeping hits. Djodje is another of the names that left Cape Verde for the world, conquering a vast legion of fans thanks to songs such as “Não Vai”, “Dói Demais”, “Vamos Fugir”, with Cuca Roseta, or “A Fila Anda”, with Jimmy P. The meeting of these two names could only result in an unmissable moment, full of hits and truly contagious rhythms. After the success of the concerts given abroad, at the Festival Suodeste and also at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, the time has come for Djodje and Nelson Freitas to present the Kriol Kings project at the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley. The two Cape Verdean artists, one of the most acclaimed in Portuguese speaking, promise a night full of successes, with the performance of their biggest hits, always with that energy that no one can remain indifferent to. Kriol Kings perform on July 6th.
Tabanka Djaz is one of the most identifiable projects of good music made in Guinea Bissau. They formed in 1988 and, in a short time, gained national and international visibility. Their first album, “Tabanka”, was released in January 1990, and since then, they have never stopped surprising their fans. In just a few years of their career, they had already visited Angola, Mozambique, Senegal, France, Luxembourg, Holland, USA, and Cape Verde, among many other countries. In the 90s they won over the public thanks to hits such as “Indimigo”, released in 1993, or “Sperança”, released in 1996. Three years later, in 1999, at the invitation of Martinho da Vila, they participated in the “Lusofonia” project and consolidated their status as ambassadors of Gumbé, a musical rhythm originating from the Bissau region. In 2002 they released “Sintimento”, with the participation of Martinho da Vila, and guitarist Tony Dudu, among other renowned musicians, in an album full of new sounds. After a break of a few years, Tabanka Djaz returned to records with “After the Silence”. The fans missed them a lot and this album brought out the best of Tabanka: their African soul, with a look at today’s society, and a handful of songs full of love and joy. The single “Foi Assim” became an immediate success. In 2024, Tabanka Djaz continue in great form and return to Portugal in the next edition of Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley, on July 6th.
The meeting between Bonga and Batida became inevitable. Pedro Coquenão (Batida) says: “I grew up watching him on television as a Superhero. One day we sat down at the table, because of Angola, and the conversation hasn’t stopped until today…”. The connection between the two is based on the celebration of Angolan culture and tradition, always with an evolutionary perspective. The two of them being on stage, in itself, is already an event, because Bonga doesn’t usually put himself in the DJ position, nor is this a normal DJ set: it’s a moment that brings together two artists, who share a story and their complicity with the public. The usual structure of a B2B will be respected: Beat plays one song, and Bonga plays another, knowing that this moment goes beyond a simple DJ set. Regarding this spectacle, Bonga said: “He with his options, me with mine. Well, that will make a Boom for whoever is there to check it out and feel it and dance, please.” Bonga b2b beat, to feel and dance, on the Nortada Stage of the Jardins do Marquês Festival – Oeiras Valley, on July 6th.

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