Jean Piaget Professional School opens pre-registration for four courses

The Jean Piaget Professional School in Almada (EPJP) has just opened pre-registration for four free professional courses for the academic year 2021/2022. The courses in question are 2D and 3D Animation, 3D Digital Design, Event Organization and Legal Services.

These are areas where the demand for specialized professionals has increased year after year. Aware of the training needs in the region, the EPJP’s Almada hub seeks to adapt its training offer in order to meet both the aspirations of young students and the demand of the labor market.

Professional courses are secondary-level courses with a strong connection to the world of work. With a duration of three years, they are aimed at students with the 9th year of schooling or attending secondary education (without completion) and under the age of 20 years.

Vocational education is currently one of the best ways to qualify our young students in a future increasingly surrounded by uncertainty. We are talking about courses that can reveal high success rates, whether at the level of course completion, with lower school dropout rates, employability or even employer satisfaction”, says Fernando Luís Santos, pedagogical director of the EPJP in Almada.

Among the advantages of these courses is the fact that they prepare young students for a profession, in conjunction with the local business sector, while allowing them to pursue higher education studies, with a strong practical aspect. The courses lead to double certification: a secondary education diploma (equivalent to the 12th year of schooling) and a level 4 professional certification (according to the National Qualifications Framework).

In the case of the 2D and 3D Animation course, students will learn to create animations of images, manually or digitally, designing graphics and movement in 2D or 3D. Mastering the rules and computer graphics tools in creating environments is the focus of the 3D Digital Design course, while Event Organization implies acquiring knowledge for the coordination and implementation of a diverse set of operations, such as scheduling an event, planning, contracting and budgeting, team management and public relations.

Regarding the Legal Services course, the objective is to prepare young people for the performance of administrative and procedural tasks, in support of activities carried out in courts or justices of the peace, notary offices, registry offices, lawyers’ offices and legal offices of companies or others institutions.

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