Jessica Silva in an exclusive interview with Eleven Sports

Jéssica Silva was the special guest of another Planet Eleven, live, on Facebook of Eleven Sports and MEO Esporte.

The 25-year-old Portuguese international plays for Olympique Lyonnais, which will take part in the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final 8, which will take place between the 21st and 30th of August, and will only be broadcast on Eleven Sports.

Regarding Lyon’s participation in the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final 8, Jéssica Silva said that “Lyon are seen as favorites, but we will have a very difficult game and the format is completely different. It is a 50/50 tie. But I hope to win the Championships.”

The Portuguese international confided that: “I have already been a victim of racism in football, one of the last times happened recently in Spain. When I was younger I cried several times about it. I internalized those words and it has a huge impact on our lives. The attitude of Marega and others was good to remove the blindfold from people. Racism exists.”

Unable to play in Final 8 due to an injury, Jéssica Silva said that: “The recovery from the injury is going brilliantly. I almost had to learn to walk. I am already in the final stage, running at full load and in September I will be able to train without limitations.”

Former Levante player, Jéssica Silva ended up playing for Olympique Lyonnais. About the process, the player shared that: “Lyon had already shown interest in me in September 2018/19, I was super surprised. I wanted to accept, but at the same time I didn’t. My Levante coach asked me to stay, I felt it was important to have a good season, and I knew that if Lyon really wanted me they would show interest again. It happened, I had a great time and in February Lyon’s interest returned, there were more clubs interested, but I only wanted Lyon.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is Jéssica Silva’s greatest idol: “I really dreamed of being with Cristiano Ronaldo and it happened with the launch of our new boots. I asked him not to stop playing and he said to me “I play 5 more years and you play 10 more years.”

Jéssica Silva is ambassador for MEO, having said that: “it is very important for me, it was an alliance I have with one of the major telecommunications companies in Portugal. This is happening because I am a football player, and having a player among the ambassadors is very special. Feeling like a brand like MEO looks at women’s football, recognizes and supports it, is very special. I am very happy with this call.”

The full interview can be viewed on On Demand on the Eleven Sports streaming service here and heard on Podcast on: Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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