Jessie J debuts at EDPCOOLJAZZ

The pop singer and songwriter performs at the Manuel Possolo Hippodrome in Cascais on July 10.

Jessie J is the most recently confirmed for EDPCOOLJAZZ and will take the stage on July 10 at the Manuel Possolo Racecourse in Cascais. The one that is already a phenomenon of the music worldwide will bring to Portugal a spectacle full of soul, funk and pop.

It was in 2011, remember, that Jessie J released the first album ‘Who You Are’ after, at age 18, signed a contract with Sony.

Already the song ‘Do it like to Dude’, that originally was written for Rihanna, quickly conquered the hearing and ascended to the first places of the tops.

Then followed world tours and the television program ‘The Voice’ in which was an element of the jury. Another of the singles that marked the singer’s career was ‘Domino’ and ‘Price Tag’ – it is emphasized that the video of this song on YouTube has more than 600 million views.

Also confirmed for EDPCOOLJAZZ are ‘The Roots’, Jamie Cullum, Diana Krall and Tom Jones.

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