Jesualdo Ferreira ‘confirms’ title in Qatar with a thrashing

Al Sadd, coached by Portugal’s Jesualdo Ferreira, confirmed today, with a 6-1 victory in the last round, the title of national champion of soccer of Qatar, with seven points of advance on Al Duhail, of Rui Faria.

The championship was already decided, so Al Sadd’s 6-1 to Umm Salal and Al Duhail’s 3-0 at Al Arabi’s camp did not change the two front-row positions.

Since November 2015 at Al Sadd, Jesualdo Ferreira, 72, is finally a national champion in Qatar, having been second in both previous seasons. In the curriculum of the coach, who previously trained in Portugal, Morocco, Egypt and Spain and Greece, stands out the ‘tri’ with FC Porto (2006/2007, 2007/2008 and 2008/2009).

As for Rui Faria, 43, he is in his first experience as a head coach, having been assistant to Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

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