Joana Alegre reveals Joana do Mar’s music video

Joana Alegre presented the music video for Joana do Mar.

The song that was a finalist of the 2021 Song Festival has in its melody and lyrics the genetic code of Joana Alegre, who finds in the waves of the sea the impetus of energy, freedom, and harmony that characterize her personality as an artist and woman.

“Today we close the cycle of the beautiful passage through the Song Festival with a transition to the time when we open the window together, letting in the sun, the breeze, and a feeling, a flow, of all the aromas and textures that make up my new album. We pick up where we left off, and where I always start again: at Mar, of course!” Writes Joana Alegre, who is currently finishing her new album, which is produced by Luísa Sobral.

“Joana do Mar” necessarily marks a transition while being indelible. For this reason, he won a video clip, made by Joana Linda, which sublimely captured what the song represents for the artist: “a message of affirmation of freedom and the right to individuality of each one, of simply being able to be!”

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