Joana Amendoeira enchants Casino Estoril with Amália “Fados”

Cycle "Fados de Amália no Casino Estoril"

As part of the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Amália Rodrigues, the third and final Fado of the cycle “Fados de Amália no Casino Estoril” took place at Casino Estoril, this time with Joana Amendoeira, a singer who needs no introduction.

Joana Amendoeira began her career in 1994, participating in the Grande Noite do Fado de Lisboa. In 1995 also at the Grande Noite do Fado, in Porto, she won the first prize for female interpretation in juveniles, and she never stopped dazzling us with her interpretations.

She travels abroad several times, Hungary, Holland, Spain, France, Austria, England, Belgium, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and India, where he promotes his various albums and Portuguese music.

The singer begins the concert with “Madrugada de Alfama” lyrics by David Mourão Ferreira, followed by “Trago Fado nos Sentidos” lyrics by Amália herself, “Anda o sol na minha Rua”, lyrics by David Mourão Ferreira and Fontes Rocha.

Accompanied by her brother Pedro Amendoeira on the Portuguese guitar and Ivan Cardoso on the fado viola, the fado singer did not fail to thank Fundação Amália and Casino Estoril for this invitation, considering that it is a great privilege to honour the queen of fado, “as Lisbon is Amália and Amália it’s Portugal.

It was followed by “Sabe-se lá” by Amália Rodrigues, “Havemos de ir a Viana” by Pedro Homem de Melo, “Oiça lá Ó Senhor Vinho” by Alberto Janes and “Por teu livre pensamento”, by David Mourão Ferreira.

With the concert coming to an end, in the late afternoon at the Casino’s Lounge D, with a large audience of fado lovers, including Vítor Espadinha, presenter, musician and Portuguese actor, who was present at the three shows at Casino Estoril.

Joana Amendoeira, interpreted fados that became famous in Amália’s voice, “Nem ás paredes confesso”, “Barco Negro” from the film “Amantes do Tejo”, “Não desgraça ser Pobre”, “O Meu é Teu” and “Lágrima ”.

It was with the “Marcha do Centenário” that the singer from Santarém, where many good singers have been born for Fado, ended her tribute to the Voice of Portugal, which gave so much to music and Portugal.

The first albums by Joana Amendoeira, “Olhos Garotos” and “Aquela Rua”, which had excellent reviews, among others, we highlight “Joana Amendoeira”, “Ao Vivo em Lisboa”, “À Flor da Pele” with worldwide edition by the label Le Chant du Monde / Harmonia Mundi, “Joana Amendoeira & Mar Ensemble” for which the Amália Rodrigues Foundation decides to award him the prize for “Best Fado Record of 2008”.

Honors Carlos do Carmo participating in the album entitled “O Novo Homem na Cidade” and with “Amor Mais Perfeito”, a tribute to José Fontes Rocha. In 2004 she received the 2004 Revelation Award from Casa da Imprensa.

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