Joana Espadinha announces new album and concert at Casa do Capitão

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Released on 24 September, Joana Espadinha‘s new album is the leitmotiv that will take the singer to Casa do Capitão on 23 September, in a concert that anticipates the release of “Ninguém Nos Vai Tirar O Sol”.

I’m looking forward to returning to Casa Capitão, which I like so much, where I’ve sung several times in different contexts, but never in my own name. It will be a good evening to see friends, relax, and celebrate the release of this new album that is so special to me.”

“Ninguém Nos Vai Tirar O Sol” will be entitled to a special event on the terrace of that Lisbon space: at the end of the afternoon, a concert to present the new songs; later, a collective DJ Set with the artistic team that collaborated with Joana Espadinha in the creation of the album – Benjamim, the producer; Francisco Brito, João Firmino, Margarida Campelo and Nuno Sarafa, the musicians; Joana Linda, in the image; and Silas Ferreira, responsible for the graphic design, will musically illustrate the imagery of the album.

The takeover at Casa do Capitão will also include a drink and a dish specially created for the occasion.

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