Joana Espadinha announces new album and concert at Casa do Capitão

Released on 24 September, Joana Espadinha‘s new album is the leitmotiv that will take the singer to Casa do Capitão on 23 September, in a concert that anticipates the release of “Ninguém Nos Vai Tirar O Sol”.

I’m looking forward to returning to Casa Capitão, which I like so much, where I’ve sung several times in different contexts, but never in my own name. It will be a good evening to see friends, relax, and celebrate the release of this new album that is so special to me.”

“Ninguém Nos Vai Tirar O Sol” will be entitled to a special event on the terrace of that Lisbon space: at the end of the afternoon, a concert to present the new songs; later, a collective DJ Set with the artistic team that collaborated with Joana Espadinha in the creation of the album – Benjamim, the producer; Francisco Brito, João Firmino, Margarida Campelo and Nuno Sarafa, the musicians; Joana Linda, in the image; and Silas Ferreira, responsible for the graphic design, will musically illustrate the imagery of the album.

The takeover at Casa do Capitão will also include a drink and a dish specially created for the occasion.

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