Joana Espadinha debuts a new single and announces her next album

Joana Espadinha’s new song, “Nobody’s Gonna Tirar The Sun“, marks the singer’s return to editions after “O Material Tem Semper Razão“.

“Nobody’s going to take the sun out of us” is the first song I decided to reveal from my new album, written and recorded during the first confinement period. It is a sweet song, which I wrote as if it were a mantra, to help me deal with the uncertainty of the times we live in, an almost naive but somewhat liberating optimism. It is also a song marked by the discovery of motherhood, which taught me to be more present, that there is always beauty to be discovered and that simplicity can rescue us, even from the darkest places.Joana Espadinha

As Joana herself mentions, the theme appeared simultaneously in a context of pandemic and maternity, and anticipates the album with the same title that will be revealed until September 21st. The pre-release of the album “Ninguém Nos Vai Tirar O Sol” will take place with a concert at Teatro Maria Matos (Lisbon) on June 21, the date from which the revelation will take place on all digital streaming platforms. Coincidentally, the vinyl edition of “O Material Tem Sempre Razão” will also arrive on the screens this day.

This new theme thus initiates the discovery of Joana Espadinha’s third original album, continuing her affirmation as an interpreter and composer. After “Avesso” in 2014, Joana published “O Material Tem Sempre Razão” in 2018, affirming her pop universe with unforgettable songs like “Leva-me a dançar” or “Pensa bem” In parallel, she asserts herself as one of the most sought after authors in the national music scene, with creations for Carminho, Cristina Branco, Cláudia Pascoal and Sara Correia.

The recordings of “Ninguém Nos Vai Tirar O Sol” took place at the end of 2020 at the studio Namouche, in the company of the band that usually accompanies it live: Margarida Campelo (keyboards and vocals), João Firmino (guitars and vocals), Francisco Brito ( bass), and Nuno Sarafa (drums and percussions). In sharing arrangements and production, a collaboration with Benjamim, who will once again be the great partner on this trip.

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