Joana Espadinha at the Song Festival

Song Festival 2022

  • Your song will be performed by Diana Castro
  • Festival da Canção will taste like “Ginger Ale”

In a ceremony held this morning, the songs that will participate in the 2022 edition of the Song Festival were revealed. In the range of guest authors, Joana Espadinha composed “Ginger Ale” in response to the invitation sent by RTP, and found in Diana Castro the right voice for the interpretation of the theme.

Ginger Ale” is, without a doubt, a song with the “Joana Espadinha brand” – a pop record, with sounds in which the contemporary mixes with the retro, serving as the basis for a lyrics without edges and apparently simple but, as is characteristic of the singer-songwriter, with an intelligent message without moralistic pretensions, in which everyday life is questioned from a female point of view.

Not innocently, Joana Espadinha called Diana Castro for the interpretation of “Ginger Ale” – wife, mother, interpreter and also author, who had well-deserved participation in the television show “The Voice“. A voice and personality that Joana believes will authentically defend the spirit of “Ginger Ale“.

Also noteworthy was the musical production of Frederico Martinho, musician of the collectives HMB and Pimenta Caseira, who in partnership with Joana Espadinha ensured the musical direction of the recording. In the studio, “Ginger Ale” had musicians such as Guilherme Salgueiro on keyboards, Del on drums, Jorge and João Correia on winds, along with Frederico himself who provided the guitars, bass and some keyboards. Joana Espadinha is also included in the technical file of “Ginger Ale“, in the choirs that serve the voice of Diana Castro.

“Ginger Ale” will be able to be heard live on March 5th, in the first of the two broadcasts that precede the final, to be held on March 12th.

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