Joana Espadinha returns with new single “Mau Feitio”

“The ‘Mau Feitio‘ of Joana Espadinha is back” would, no doubt, a good claim to appeal to Clickbait. But the most adjusted and true will be closer to “The contagious pop of Joana Sword is back with ‘Mau Feitio!‘”.

It is that Joana Espadinha, although she writes like no one about the “Mau feitio”, has everything but this personality trait. As for the theme, the sonority speaks for themselves and guessed a summer in which Rezingice will become a joke between couples or groups of friends.

“Mau Feitio” is the second song to be revealed from the album “Ninguém Nos Vai Tirar O Sol“, which happens to the theme homonymous published 2 weeks ago. For the video clip, Joana Espadinha invited the director Tiago Brito (side films) and, in a special participation, the Ballerina and Coreographer Mariana Luís.

The video clip is already available on Youtube of Joana and the single has already debuted on all digital platforms.

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