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Joana Marques Vidal talks about the challenges of justice and the digital transition

Magistrate will analyze the Recovery and Resilience Plan and the National Strategy to Combat Corruption.

The magistrate and former Attorney General of the Republic, Joana Marques Vidal, is the guest of the next webinar at the University of Portugal, which will highlight the “Paths of the Nation: Challenges of Justice and Digital Transition”, taking place on March 5 at 11am.

The year 2020 led to a giant and inevitable change. In this sense, Joana Marques Vidal will address the reflexes of the digital transition in matters as important as the citizen’s right of access to a more transparent, swift, more efficient and closer justice.

Joana Marques Vidal will also speak about the impact of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), as well as about the National Strategy to Combat Corruption. The ‘governance’ of the Information Technology systems and the principles of independence and autonomy of the Courts and the Public Ministry are other hot topics that will be the object of analysis by the magistrate.

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