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Joana Vasconcelos wins gold in K1 500

Barnaul World Cup

Portuguese canoeist Joana Vasconcelos disputed today the K1 500 meters final of the Canoeing World Cup in Barnaul, Russia, and won the gold medal, having already qualified for the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games on Friday.

In the K1 500 meters event at the Barnaul World Cup, which took place in Siberia, Joana Vasconcelos made the time of 01.56.183 minutes, improving the mark in almost 4 seconds in relation to the semi-final.

The Portuguese had the company on the podium of the South African Esti Van Tonder with the time of 01.56.218 minutes and the Croatian Anamaria Govorcinovic who completed the race in 01.56.536 minutes.

In addition to the gold medal, Joana Vasconcelos also won the bronze medal in the 200 meter mixed race with canoeist Kevin Santos, completing the race in 35.924 seconds.

The Portuguese athletes were beaten only by Swedes Petter Menning and Melina Andersson with the time of 35,530 seconds and by the Bulgarians Olimpiya Dusheva and Denislav Tsvetanov with the time of 35,914 seconds.

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