Joana Vasconcelos “has already entered the history of Portugal”

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, thanked Joana Vasconcelos for “a testimony that enriches” the country, during the inauguration of the new exhibition of the plastic artist, in the Serralves Museum, in the Port.

[dropcap type=”background”]T[/dropcap]he head of state spoke during a press conference after a visit to work ‘I’m Your Mirror’, having started the speech to remember a visit to Luxembourg with the artist, where he realized the “dimension” of Joana Vasconcelos.

“There was a dimension that surpassed Portugal and made Portugal greater because it was universal. This is the dimension that it has naturally reached with everything it does as if it did not work as if it did not imply talent. who breathed in. It was this cross between international and universal that made it unique, “he praised.

At that time, she was able to “think about what others thought of Joana [Vasconcelos] when she began her journey” and classified it as “original, egocentric and daring”, a “more conjunctural rather than structural phenomenon” and ” would have difficulty recreating itself over time. ”

However, now it is necessary to “recognize that it was the best that Portugal could present in many circumstances, for others and for itself”, adding that “it was also the best that others could find beyond Portugal in the work of Joana [Vasconcelos] “.

“I am not able to say more about the length of the chapter that one day history will write about it, but I am able, as President of the Republic, to thank in the name of Portugal, because I do not know if it will come, as it seems to me just to be recognized in world history, in the areas that resulted from her talent. But in the history of Portugal, of contemporary Portugal, she has already entered, “he pointed out.

Also attending the press conference were the mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, the chairman of the Serralves board of directors, Ana Pinho, and the Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca, who thanked the artist for obliging the Portuguese to “look at the mirror “and see who they are” as people “.

The exhibition includes works from 1997 to the present, bringing together some of the artist’s most distinctive and emblematic works.

Presented at the first individual exhibition of a Portuguese artist at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, where he received more than 640,000 visitors, ‘I’m Your Mirror’ includes more than 30 works by Joana Vasconcelos, 14 of them new.

Between the new pieces presented in Spain and now in Serralves there is a Venetian mask with 2.5 tons, made with 231 frames of a double mirror, and a solitary ring, of three tons, with 112 car wheels and 1,324 glass glasses.

For Bilbao, Joana Vasconcelos also took some of her most iconic pieces, such as ‘The Bride’, a chandelier made with tampons, ‘Marilyn’, a pair of high-heeled shoes made with pots, and ‘Pop Rooster’, a gigantic Rooster of Barcelos in tile and LED lights.

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