João Bota’s new single now available on digital platforms

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João Bota is back to music with the single “O que é que eu fiz de mal?”” already available!

When asked whether this new single “O que é que eu fiz de mal?” is a biographical single, João Bota replies that “this song in question is biographical. Old stories that I keep in my memory. However, I think they are stories that they can pass with anyone. Not all of my songs are auto biographical, it could be the story of someone close or a version of it. I like to write things that people can relate to.

Do not think, however, that this new single is an isolated act. According to João Bota, “this is, if all goes well, the first of several. The goal is to release a complete album by the end of the year, but the pandemic has not helped much. Especially in terms of the studio and the work with the producer. It will take time a little more than what I wanted but it will arrive. Until then, more songs will come out in a single format.

Like the vast majority of musicians in Portugal, João Bota does not make music his bread “I do not live on music, unfortunately. It is my great passion but not the only one. I am a revenue manager for a hotel chain (Discovery Hotel Management, I take advantage of for advertising) and I think that both culture and tourism were two of the areas most affected by the pandemic. There are no shows, there are no trips, there are no stays. I am fortunate to have a stable job that allowed me to dedicate some time to my passion. It is difficult to reconcile, but with good will and responsibility, everything is done”, he said.

“O que é que eu fiz de mal?” is now available on all digital platforms.

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