João Couto presents the new single “Caixas”

and the Canções Sobre o Meu Carro e o Meu Quarto tour begins

João Couto presents the new single “Caixas”, at a time when the tour of the show Canções Sobre o Meu Carro e o Meu Quarto begins, which starts in Chaves, on the 16th of September, at the Sala Amarela space.

The new song, “Caixas”, is a pop song that talks about the complicated process of leaving the past behind after the end of a relationship. Produced by S. Pedro and written by João Couto, this song marks a new chapter in the musician’s career. According to the musician, “It was inspired by a summer in which I witnessed several break-ups in my group of friends and on a particular day, when a friend was moving house when something she said to me caught my attention: when I I was about to start picking up a box of plants and she told me “be careful, that’s MY orchid”. The way she emphasized this, how her things had this importance no matter how small they were, and how her personality and memories were attached to everything we were taking from that T0, it moved me. This thing about giving objects a human and personal dimension was something that inspired me, and this song reflects on everything we take with us when something that defines us so much (in this case, a relationship) ends, and obviously, it doesn’t just end with objects.. I started playing the song at my showcases and concerts and it was consistently one of the most well received and loved and the decision to release it like this was inevitable.”

The tour will be a journey through the most intimate themes of the northern singer-songwriter’s albums, in a search for synergy and proximity to the public. In this show Canções Sobre o Meu Carro e o Meu Quarto, João Couto “intends to reinvent in an intimate format song that I wrote and beyond, to present new music first hand, on the premise that all my songs (or most of them) have a common theme, that of the spirit of discovery and escape, personified by the image of the car, and intimacy and introspection, personified by the image of the room”.

On September 16th the tour starts in Chaves, at Sala Amarela; the musician then goes to Argoncilhe (Santa Maria da Feira) on October 21st. In November it’s Lisbon’s turn, where it will perform on the 17th at the Carlos Paredes Auditorium. On December 3rd, the musician takes the stage at Novo Ático, Coliseu Porto Ageas.

This tour will not miss the musician’s radio hits such as “Canção Só” and “Os Meus Amigos”. There will also be space for more personal themes from his debut album Carta Aberta (2018) and the acclaimed successor Boa Sorte (2021), in addition to songs he wrote or shared with nationally renowned artists, such as Ana Bacalhau, Os Azeitonas, Perpétua, Samuel Úria, Tomás Adrião, among others.

Also noteworthy is João Couto’s participation in Sofar Sounds, on September 30th, in a secret concert in Porto. Sofar Sounds is a global platform that organizes performances in secret locations and publishes them on the YouTube channel.

The musician whose last original album, released in 2021, Boa Sorte, was considered one of the albums of the year by some media outlets, thus heads out on the road with what promises to be his most confessional and striking tour to date.


  • 16 September, 9:30 pm – Chaves (Yellow Room)
  • 21 October, 9:30 pm – Argoncilhe (Grupo Musical Estrela de Argoncilhe)
  • 17 November, 9:30 pm – Lisbon (Carlos Paredes Auditorium)
  • 3 December, 7pm – Porto (Novo Ático – Coliseu do Porto)


Singer and composer, born in 1995 in Vila Nova de Gaia. He took his first steps into music in garage bands, writing his first songs and sharing them online. These years of discovery culminated in 2015, with victory in the Ídolos program on SIC, which opened the door to a career on a national scale. The first album Carta Aberta arrived in 2018, under the Universal Music label. On this album, we find Canção Só, his first single, which debuted exclusively on Rádio Comercial and appeared in the top 10 viral songs on Spotify in Portugal.

He returned to television in 2019, participating in the Festival da Canção, at the invitation of composer Pedro Pode (s. Pedro e Doismileoito) to perform O Jantar. This is where the partnership with the musician and producer Maiato was born, which would end up resulting in Boa Sorte, his second album, released in 2021. The album is an independent edition and features production from Pode on all tracks. Singles such as Os Meus Amigos, Massa do Meio-Dia and Friday 13 gained airplay on radio stations as diverse as Comercial, Antena 1, Renascença, and SBSR.FM. The album was acclaimed by the specialized press as one of the best releases of the year.

Also in 2021, he participated in the Co-Creation Cycle of the distributor One Level Up Music, collaborating with Emmy Curle José Sequeira on original songs, performed live, and edited the following year. In 2022, he released Pensa em Mim, in collaboration with Perpétua, which earned him praise from the press and airplay on major national radio stations.

In September 2023, he released the single Caixas and embarked on a small acoustic tour, entitled Canções Sobre o Meu Carro e o Meu Quarto.

In his career, there are many collaborations, from artists for whom he has already written – Os Azeitonas, Tomás Adrião, and Joana Almeida – composers with whom he has shared authorship – Samuel Úria, Janeiro, and Pedro de Tróia – to big names with whom he has shared stages – Miguel Araújo, D’Alva, Joana Espadinha and Virgem Suta.

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