João Duque and Marcos Lelis debate the economic recovery of Portugal and Brazil

In a webinar organized in partnership between the Brazilian University Unisinos and ISEG Executive Education, economist João Duque joins Professor Marcos Lelis for an informal conversation about the economic recovery in Portugal and Brazil. The online meeting will take place on April 29, at 17:00 (Lisbon time).

The pandemic has had a profound and prolonged impact on countries’ economies, with high economic losses, increased unemployment and indebtedness, in addition to accentuating social inequalities. During the webinar, options will be envisaged to overcome the effects of the pandemic in Brazil and Portugal, in economic and social terms.

ISEG Full Professor João Duque is apprehensive: “Portugal is always waiting for salvation to arrive from outside for recovery: with outstretched hands waiting for help from Europe and its Recovery and Resilience Plan, from the Union’s vaccines European Union, the arrival of tourists, entrepreneurs with capital to invest, retired people from Northern and Central Europe, immigrants with Gold visas or young immigrants without Gold visas!”.

On his side, Marcos Lelis, Professor at Unisinos reveals that “The Brazilian economic structure is weakened, as a result of this the recovery will be slower. Debating and sharing ideas is essential.”

For about an hour, the two economists will thus address the effects of the pandemic and the possibilities for recovery. Seats in the webinar are limited and registrations can be made online on the ISEG Executive Education website.

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