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João Gil and guests transform the Capitol from January 27 to 31

Tickets are already on sale at the usual places.

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From January 27 to 31, João Gil invites António Zambujo, Tatanka, Ana Bacalhau, Jorge Palma and Elida Almeida, respectively, for 5 sharing nights in a Caixa de Luz, at the Capitol.

This artistic residency by João Gil celebrates music, life and words in a stage that transforms, as its name indicates, into a Caixa de Luz, which despite the pandemic and the restrictive framework that it imposes for the realization of live shows, illuminates the boundaries that usually separate artist and audience.

In an accomplice fusion between stories and stories, these 5 nights of light and lightning, with the signature of João Gil and the special participation of his 5 guests, will guide us along the path of what is about to arrive.

At the end of 2020, João Gil released the single “O Exacto Oposto”, an ode to the will to Change and Love as catalysts of acts of bravery, fundamental to great achievements.

In “O Exacto Oposto”, an ode to the will to Change and Love as catalysts of acts of bravery, fundamental to great achievements.”, which follows the theme “A Marcha da Polícia”, published in July of the same year, João Gil again signed the authorship of the music and lyrics, reinforcing the call for attention to the anti-democratic movements that have grown around the world, undermining democratic regimes and social stability.

João Gil, composer, and guitarist, is one of the most known artists in Portuguese music. From Trovante to Filarmónica Gil, passing by Ala dos Namorados, Rio Grande, Cabeças no Ar, Baile Popular or, more recently, Tais Tais or Quinteto Lisboa, João Gil‘s life is marked by great successes that supplant the groups’ notoriety wherever he went and in which he left his strong contribution.

Throughout his activity as a musician he signed the soundtrack for some Portuguese films, such as “Ao Sul”, by Fernando Matos Silva, “Rosa Negra”, “Flores Amargas” and “Adriana” by Margarida Gil.

The theater is also part of his professional career, having composed for the plays “O Ano do Pensamento Mágico”, “Sexo, Drogas e Rock n Roll” and, more recently, for the recital of “Ode Marítima” – which brings him together in stage to Diogo Infante, a music and poetry project of enormous national and international success.

Over 40 more years of Portuguese music, João Gil distinguishes himself as a composer of some of the songs that will forever be part of the national collective memory: “Saudade”, “125 Azul”, “Loucos de Lisboa”, “Postal dos Correios”, among many others, are examples of songs with his signature, which have become real popularity phenomena.

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