João Gil presents Caixa de Luz at Capitólio with guests

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The presentation of João Gil‘s Caixa de Luz project, which lasts until May 16, with several guests, started at the Cineteatro Capitólio in Lisbon last Wednesday, May 12th.

Caixa de Luz was created with the aim of celebrating music, life, and words on a stage that transforms, as its name implies, into a lightbox, which illuminates the boundaries that usually separate artist and audience. In an accomplice fusion between stories and stories, the project consists of 5 nights of light with 5 guests, António Zambujo, Elida Almeida, Jorge Palma, Carolina Deslandes, and Ana Bacalhau, with the special participation of Rafael Gil and with scenography by Ana Mesquita.

The opening concert started around 8:30 pm with a full house and a great desire to receive João Gil, guitarist and composer who was part of the groups Trovante and Ala dos Namorados, who took the stage with “A seita tem um radar”, followed by “Memórias de um beijo”, “Tudo contigo”, “Razão de ser”, “Timor” and Perdidamente”.

Caixa de Luz – João Gil @ Capitólio 2020512 20210507 © Patrícia Rodrigues – Portugalinews

João Gil then calls his guest António Zambujo and together they sing “Rosa”, “Ao Sul” and “Zorro”, and then Zambujo sings the theme “Lote B”, a single that is part of his latest album that he will present live at the Santa Casa Portugal Ao Vivo festival, on May 21st and 28th, at the Super Bock Arena, in Porto, and at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, respectively.

“Travessa Do Poço Dos Negros” and “Lisboa Menina e Moça” were heard, in homage to Carlos do Carmo and José Carlos Ary dos Santos, followed by “O exato posto”, “Senta-te aí”, “Caçador de Adiça”, “Postal dos Correios” and “125 Azul”, with the participation of Rafael Gil.

With the concert coming to an end, we still heard “Quântica”, “Saudade” and “Loucos de Lisboa” that brought together all the guests of the night.

The concerts of Caixa de Luz project by João Gil have the lighting technicians Anabela Gaspar and sound technician Carlos Vales, and continue until Sunday, May 16, at Cineteatro Capitólio, in Lisbon, with the guest Ana Bacalhau.


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