João Gil invites Miguel Araújo, Pedro Abrunhosa, Tiago Nacarato and more to “Caixa de Luz”

After 5 full nights in Lisbon during the month of May, João Gil takes the show “Caixa de Luz” to Porto for a new residence of 5 dates, this time in Room 2 of Casa da Música. Tatanka, Tiago Nacarato, Pedro Abrunhosa, Vozes da Rádio and Maria Mendes and Miguel Araújo join João Gil on stage, from 22 to 26 September, respectively. The concerts start at 9:00 pm, with the doors opening at 8:30 pm, and it is still possible to purchase tickets in the usual places.

Dates and guest artists:

Wednesday, September 22 = Tatanka

Thursday, September 23 = Tiago Nacarato

Friday, 24 September = Pedro Abrunhosa

Saturday, September 25 = Voices of Radio and Maria Mendes

Sunday, September 26 = Miguel Araújo

Signed by João Gil, “Caixa de Luz” is much more than a concert that revisits his successful career with different guests every night. “Caixa de Luz” is also a visual experience, in which plastic artist Ana Mesquita signs the scenography, having created close to a hundred images and videos inspired by the musician’s work, helping to create, as the name suggests, a “ Box of Light” that illuminates the boundaries usually erected between artist and audience.

In short, “Caixa de Luz” is a journey through the songbook of João Gil, one of the most prolific composers in the history of Portuguese music in recent decades, who has increasingly discovered himself as a performer, as we can listen in his latest singles, “O Exacto Opposite”, “A Marcha da Polícia”, “Quântica” and the most recent “Dedo do Meio”.

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