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João Gil marks 46 years of career, with a new album, in a magical concert

Coliseu dos Recreios

The release of João Gil’s new album was held at the Coliseu dos Recreios when he celebrates 46 years of his career, and he was accompanied by many guests who wanted to celebrate the date with him.

João Gil, who has enchanted us with so many songs throughout his career, presented his album, “46 JG 22“, in the company of several guests, Frankie Chavez, Ana Bacalhau, Miguel Araújo, Nuno Guerreiro among others, who played the themes with which João Gil has offered us at Trovante, Rio Grande, Ala dos Namorados or solo.

João Gil > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Margarida Rodrigues – ineews < 2022.09.17

João Gil, composer, and guitarist, is one of the most recognized names in Portuguese music. He was born in Covilhã in December 1965 but came to Lisbon as a teenager. It was with Artur Costa, in 1975 in the Soviete do Areeiro, that he started professionally. The following year, with João Nuno Represas, Luís Represas, Artur Rocha, and Manuel Faria, he formed Trovante.

From success to success, Trovante’s discography grew, “Baile do Bosque”, “Cais das Colinas” which includes “Saudade” with lyrics and music by João Gil himself, but there are so many themes that are part of our common memory, “Esplanada”, in co-authorship with João Monge, “Xácara das Bruxas Dançando”, “Memórias de um beijo”, “125 Azul”, with Luís Represas or even “Perdidamente”.

João Gil, after the end of Trovante, founded new projects, such as Moby Dick with Artur Costa and Alex Cortez from Rádio Macau, Ala dos Namorados with Nuno Guerreiro as vocalist and guitarist Moz Carrapa, and quickly conquered the public with “Loucos de Lisboa” his first single to which so many other successes would be added.

João Gil > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Margarida Rodrigues – ineews < 2022.09.17

Joining Rui Veloso, Tim, Jorge Palma, Vitorino, and João Monge, the Rio Grande project was born, in which “Postal dos Correios” and “Fisga” are perhaps the best-known melodies to the public of all ages, but also Cabeças no Ar with Rui Veloso, Jorge Palma, and Tim, with lyrics by Carlos Tê, performs concerts with the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa, and the Filarmónica Gil, followed by an incursion into fado with Ana Sofia Varela, or more recently in Baile Popular, Tais Quais or Quinteto Lisboa, the career of this Portuguese composer is so vast and rich, always guided by excellence and quality.

On a night of strong emotions, tributes to Carlos do Carmo and Zé Pedro dos Xutos were moments that left many of those who filled the Lisbon room with tears of nostalgia.

A concert that was long, it could only be, so rich is the author’s estate, he said goodbye to the Coliseum singing “Saudade” without guitar, without a microphone, but with everyone in chorus on a magical night for those who were present.

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