João Granola – The Moderates now available

Edition of “Os moderados” by the national singer João Granola.

A disc elaborated and recorded with all the care and dedication as if it were a unique, precious and delicate artefact. On second thought, that’s what “Os moderados” is “the reflection on the mass movement interests me. It has always interested me. The theme of this album is something that I couldn’t escape since it takes up so much time of thinking. the songs were written with this theme as an anchor, although some are of opposite spectra of (my) understanding. I recorded the demos at home, where they evolved and decorated them with arrangements. Sheep Studios, in Sintra “, in the words of João Granola.

Interestingly, contrary to what we might think, João Granola’s inspiration for “Os moderados“, or even for all his music, does not come only from music. In fact, “I think that my main influences are outside the musical environment. I am very permeable! My wife and my older sister who show me so many things in the fine arts and cinema; friends who inspire me by the way they analyze the different layers of our social context, plastic artists of our generation like Tiago Alexandre, Dalmeida e Silva, Fernão Cruz, Horácio Frutuoso, etc. In music too, of course, the elegance of Nick Cave, the precision of Sérgio Godinho, the wonderful sonic complexity of Wilco, the eccentricity of Devendra, the irony of Father John Misty … it all gets to me.

The new single from “Os moderados” is the theme Any reason already available on digital platforms.

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