João Lourenço defends appreciation of the role of the CPLP

The Angolan President, João Lourenço, today defended the importance of the role of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) for the contribution to the exchange of cultures and “enrichment of humanity”.

It is important not to neglect the relations we maintain within the CPLP, founded on language in culture and on a common history rooted in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe,” said João Lourenço, who today addressed a solemn session in the Assembly of the Republic.

This singularity gives the CPLP a unique and original character that should be more valued and exploited by the governments and citizens of our countries,” added the head of state, stressing that it is with the diversity and exchange of cultures that humanity enriches.

João Lourenço also considered that the adoption of authoritarian and extremist forms of government “oblige to maintain clear positions on inalienable rights of the citizens” and defended the pacific resolution of the conflicts between states and the multilateralism

It is with apprehension that the world has been observing the emergence of signs that point to a return to the Cold War if the two superpowers do not prevail over restraint and common sense when they address strategic issues that do not always converge the interests that each one defends,” he said. , implicitly criticizing the governments of Trump and Putin.

On the other hand, he said that it is “gratifying to note” that Portugal and Angola converge in the defence of peace and condemnation of racism and xenophobia, convinced that the visit to Portugal will contribute “to boosting the partnership” and to “a fairly common future radiant”.

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