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João Só presented his new album “Nada é Pequeno no Amor”

Teatro Maria Matos

João Só was not alone, Teatro Maria Matos, was full to hear him, the author presented the long-delayed fifth album of originals “Nada é Pequeno no Amor”.

A crowded Maria Matos Theater received João Só with a great ovation at the presentation of her new album, on December 1st it will be the turn of Casa da Música, in Porto, to receive the author.

In João Só’s words, the album, “‘Nada é Pequeno no Amor’ is a very desired album as it has been in the drawer since 2019. I have a small big problem which is the fact that I am constantly composing songs that I accumulate in a “drawer” This album, which has been waiting for the light of day for so long, due to the unfortunate pandemic that befell us all, has already seen its lineup changed several times. I confess that I don’t even know today if the choice of songs I made was the best, but one thing is certain, they are the ones that touch my heart the most at this moment.

A room full of fans, friends and family, welcomed the singer with open arms, and it was with ‘Bad boy’ and ‘It’s not me’, who just opened the concert, addressing the audience, “thank you so much for coming, for giving me a deep joy, and some, deep nerves…” he called on stage, Feodor Bivol, to accompany him on guitar.

The concert had several guests, Miguel and João, who we met from the RTP contest, “The Voice” in which they were present in the final, Nena, with whom she sang ‘Deixa-me ir‘ and ‘Portas do Sol‘, Tiago Nogueira, who sang accompanied him in ‘Mais Lisboa‘ and ‘Maldita hora‘ and Toy which featured João Só, ‘Sensual‘.

João Só > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.24

Concert setlist
Bad boy
Não sou eu
É pra ficar
O passado
Fora da Lei – com Miguel e João
A Marte – com Miguel e João
Bom vento
O que foi não volta a ser
Deixa-me ir – com Nena
Portas do Sol – com Nena
Nada é pequeno no amor
Olha para mim
Mais Lisboa – com Tiago Nogueira
Maldita hora – com Tiago Nogueira
Até ao fim
Primeira pedras
Sensual – com Toy
Meu bem
Sorte grande

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