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João Só | Guarda

0.00 € – Music – 90m • Coffee Concert • M / 6

João Só hears everything, but makes a point of singing and composing in Portuguese. His influences range from the Beatles to GNR, including Oasis, Clan, U2, Sérgio Godinho, Tom Petty, Rui Veloso, Elliot Smith, Elvis Costello, and Jorge Palma. He began composing at the age of 15, and since then has never stopped. In 2011, she published “Ela Só”, the album that made known “Sorte Grande”, a song later interpreted in partnership with Lúcia Moniz. A year before, he composed, in partnership with Miguel Araújo, “Do not Get Into This Train Love”. In the most recent “Heart on the Floor”, published in 2013, it has deepened the Beatle vein and fascination for the great songs of the 60s, of which he feels heir. In spite of his youth, João Só is one of the national songwriters of greater recognition and success – “Great Luck”, “Until the End” or “É P’ra Estê” are just some of the examples.

Voice and Guitar – João Só
Guitar – Nuno Simões

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