João Sousa eliminated at the Dubai tournament debut

João Sousa, 68th in the world ranking, even won the first ‘set’ (6-4) against Krajinovic, who occupies the 33rd position of the ATP hierarchy but lost the next two, by double 6-3, after two hours and six minutes of confrontation.

The national number one broke Krajinovic’s service in the initial phase of the match and that was enough to win the first ‘set’, but the Serbian responded in the same way in the second partial, breaking João Sousa’s first service game and imposing himself 6-3.

João Sousa lost the first two service games in the third and final ‘set’, leaving Krajinovic to reach a 3-0 advantage, and, despite having ‘broken’ his opponent once, allowed the Serb to close the game in his service, to the second match point.

Krajinovic tipped the scales in his favor in clashes with João Sousa, after each player had previously achieved a triumph: the Serb prevailed in 2018, in Marseille (France), and the Portuguese won in 2019, in Shanghai (China), both in three sets.

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