João Vieira and Ana Cabecinha revalidate titles in the 20 km march

Athletes João Vieira from Sporting and Ana Cabecinha from Pechão, today revalidated the titles of national champions of 20 km in an athletic march, in the championships that took place in Ourém.

In a race that caused a lot of criticism and led to several retirements, especially in the women’s race, the final sports results were weaker than expected and no qualifying marks were obtained for the different competitions.

In the men’s event, João Vieira, who already has more than 50 national titles, did not miss the opportunity and won in the distance of 20 km, as he had done this year in distances of 35 and 50 km and still covered.

The Sporting player won 1: 25.56 with a 1: 25.56 mark, comfortably defeating Benfica’s Miguel Rodrigues (1: 27.59) and Pedro Isidro (1: 29.09), second and third respectively.

In the women’s event, Ana Cabecinha, from Pechão, was advised by her coach to have a slower pace, to avoid injuries, as happened with Edna Barros, or to give up, what happened to Carolina Costa, Maria Bernardo, Nádia Cancela and Kristina Saltanovic, among others.

The Algarve athlete finished the race in 1: 35.43 hours, at a great distance from the two other athletes who took the podium, the “sportinguista” Vitória Oliveira (1: 44.53) and Andreia Sousa, from CA Seia (1: 47.56).

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