João Vieira and Rui Coelho national walking champions 35 km and 50 km

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João Vieira, of Sporting, and Rui Coelho, of the Athletics Club of Seia, became national walking champions in the distances of 35 and kilometers, respectively, in the championships held in Porto de Mós, in the district of Leiria.

In an edition adapted due to the pandemic and marked by low temperatures, João Vieira once again demonstrated supremacy in the national male sector.

Sporting’s walker conquered the national title in the 35 kilometers, in 02:39.47 hours, with great advantage over the second Portuguese, Hélder Santos, of Leiria Marcha Atlética, who was more than 13 minutes.

It was the sixth consecutive title in the distance of the walker, who is already qualified for the 50-kilometer event of the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games, to be played in 2021, and missed the personal record in 35 for just over a minute.

In a competition marked by the participation of several Colombian athletes, the third place in the national championship went to Rui Coelho, from the Athletics Club of Seia, who played an interesting sport with Hélder Santos.

The Seia athlete who was third to the passage of 35 kilometers, took advantage of a forced stop by Hélder Santos to take the lead in the 50, guaranteeing, in his debut in this distance, the first national title of his career, with almost four minutes advantage over the walker from Leiria.

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