Joaquim Benite Municipal Theater presents dance and circus shows in October

The Collectif Petit Travers, from Lyon, France, presents, on October 3, at 9 pm, at the Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite, Dans les plis du paysage, a collective creation organized and conducted by Julien Clément and Nicolas Mathis. A show that mixes dance, live music, and the new circus and that invites the audience for a perceptive journey.

With an activity started in 2003, the Petit Travers collective has cut ties with the most common cataloging and, through artistic creation processes that are the antithesis of performative gestures considered conventional in terms of juggling – often based on a free search for spectacularity -, the group has covered a very specific and increasingly broad territory.

Each element of this collective of artists has a particular knowledge that is put at the service of a permanent dialogue with the languages ​​of the new circus, among which dance and music shine brightly. Each one specializes to be open to the practices of others. It is through this plurality of voices and knowledge that they build innovative performative objects.

Populating the initial solitary experiences of each one, each knowledge penetrates the territory of the other, building live shows capable of reinventing themselves with each presentation. Dans les plis du paysage, a 2016 creation for the 17th Lyon Dance Biennial (France), is a happy result of this poetic search for the game and the chance of encounters between artists who share elective affinities.

Structuring from a dreamlike narrative device, based on a scene composition worked down to the smallest detail, the show invites the audience to cross with the interpreters’ landscapes of great singularity, symbolism, and pictorial beauty.

TEASER – Dans les plis du paysage from Collectif Petit Travers on Vimeo.

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