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Musical game between the Banda de Souto and the Banda de S. Tiago de Lobão, in Santa Maria da Feira

The Promenade Concert is scheduled for August 8, at 5:30 pm, at the Paços de Brandão Tennis Club, at Quinta do Engenho Novo, which will put the Banda Musical de Souto and the Banda Musical de S. Tiago de in a musical match. Wolf. It is up to each of the bands to present their best musical repertoire to present themselves in this confrontation and collect the greatest number of applauses from the audience present.

Artes em Itinerância” – a municipal cultural decentralization project – continues to tour the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira and the next stop is on August 8, in Paços de Brandão, with the Promenade Concert. The Tennis Complex takes the form of a stage, the athletes will be the musicians and the balls and rackets, the musical instruments. In this friendly and musical confrontation will be the Banda Musical de Souto and the Banda Musical de S. Tiago de Lobão.

The Musical Band of S. Tiago de Lobão appeared in 1916 (proved by several diplomas of participation and merit), being, however, registered 62 years after its formation, in 1978. Currently, the Musical Band of S. Tiago de Lobão is made up of about 55 members of both sexes, mostly music students. The Youth Orchestra of this band, formed more recently, has been dedicated to the musical development of the youngest, also contributing to the occupation of their free time in a healthy environment.

The activity of the Musical Band of Souto began in 1850 with 16 performers, with Father Francisco Leite de Andrade as conductor. Over its more than 170 years of existence, it has shown its merit and value in the numerous shows it performs. The Banda Music School is one of their great feelings of pride and, today, many of the musicians who make up the band come from their own school.

This concert is free of charge, subject to mandatory prior registration.

Until December, the municipal project of cultural decentralization Artes em Itinerância will cover 17 parishes in the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, providing residents and visitors with 13 free cultural activities, fostering access and promoting new opportunities for cultural enjoyment in the territory.

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