John Grant Performs “Boy From Michigan” at Misty Fest 2023

Twelve years after having performed at the second edition of Misty Fest, at the time still Sintra Misty, John Grant is back, this time with his most recent work “Boy From Michigan”.


John Grant is, precisely, one of the most celebrated and consecrated singer-songwriters of our time, an artist that the historic NME guarantees that in his last work, he created a work “of astonishing beauty”. In fact, “Boy From Michigan”, an album produced by Cate Le Bon and created “right at the beginning of the pandemic nightmare and during the entire presidential campaign”, he says, is an extraordinary record of an artist who takes care of reinventing himself at each new step. And this will be the work that he will now bring to Portugal for a long-awaited concert. For Grant, the confinement was largely academic. He is a man of insular nature and withdrew from his native America in 2011 to live in Iceland.

Grant met Le Bon when they performed on the Park Stage in Glastonbury in 2013 and they quickly became friends and fans of each other’s work. She later duetted with Grant at the Royal Albert Hall in 2016 and John returned the favor at the Green Man in 2018. There was talk many times about the possibility of Cate producing an album for him. “Cate and I are both very strong-willed people, which is great,” says Grant. “Making a record is difficult on a good day. The increasing stress of the elections and the pandemic really started to get to us in late July and August. It was a very stressful process at times, given the circumstances, but also full of many moments. amazing and joyful”.

Over the past decade, John Grant has established himself as one of the great musical chroniclers of the American Dream. “These songs are visceral for me. We end up marinating in the spirit of where we grew up. There are people who feel good about that”. And the reward is ours that we can, through their songs, understand life and contemporary culture a little better. And not just from an American perspective as love, hope, and loss are universal concerns that anyone seeks answers to. “Boy From Michigan” is already the fifth album in the well-stuffed solo career of the ex-The Czars, but since 2020 the singer-songwriter has not been standing still. It has released new singles, most recently the beautiful “Bungalow”, the Ep “Bolero” and, of course, the fantastic version of the folk classic “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” used as the theme song for the BBC series “Inside Man”. All good reasons not to miss it live in 2023.

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