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John Mayall | Lisbon

One of the greatest blues legends in the world, John Mayall will come to Portugal as part of a special tour marking his 85th birthday. The leader of the legendary Bluesbreakers has been one of the main pillars of the blues spread in Europe and has also served as a master for many generations of musicians, from Eric Clapton to Peter Green, from Mick Fleetwod to Jack Bruce.

John Mayall’s work is monumental: he has recorded seven dozen albums, roughly half in studio and half on stage, which eventually mirrors his own musical philosophy; While on the one hand he is regarded as an exceptional technician, the ultimate reference for generations of guitarists who have studied his refined style, on the other he has never stopped stepping around the world, spreading the blues as a living language. This year, John Mayall should, by the way, edit a new work, proof that he remains a tireless creator.
Mayall, explained The Guardian a couple of years ago, “is one of those musicians who would rather play than talk about what he does.” “But,” the British leading newspaper wondered, “what about the blues that grab a musician and never let him go?” The master explained, “the secret is raw honesty that expresses what we really are, our own.” experiences in life ». And that’s it: 85 years of incredible history will also be celebrated in Portugal.

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