John Streets presents the single “Tu e Eu”. Already available on digital platforms.

João Ruas was born in Lisbon in 1983. Family of Minhota origins (Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo) is the youngest son of three and the only one with a connection to music.

Very early on he started piano lessons. In his teens he wrote many love poems.
John Streets’s stage name came at a time when he only wrote and composed in English. At 27 he went to live in Rio de Janeiro and stayed there until he was 32 years old. In Brazil he met the artist Pedro Freitas Branco (Peter and the Apostles) and Alexandre Reis (Alexandre my King) maintaining partnerships in composition and production.
Brazil was a great school of life. The trip from Portugal to Brazil, left marks, friends and memories that would not be the same, “We think we came back the same day we left, but the truth is quite different.”

Leaving Rio de Janeiro and returning to Lisbon with his suitcase full of ideas, John Streets kept his stage name and began composing, this time in Portuguese. He met Caesar Barbosa (Elite Guitarist, composer and big-hearted human being) from the band “Black City” who is producing two EPs, as well as Ramon Galarza (excellent musician and producer and a very funny and full-hearted human being).
John Streets is creative, romantic and melodic. He considers himself a full-fledged composer, enterprising and likes challenges. Loves folk, acoustic, country and classic rock music.
John Streets believes that the people around us are part of us, and transform us, so he wrote “Tu e Eu”, a thank you to those people, the fans and family.

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