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Jonas presents the album “São Jorge” at the CCB

Yesterday, July 8th, Jonas presented his latest project, “São Jorge”, at Centro Cultural de Belém

In this concert for the release of the album “São Jorge”, Jonas made known to the public his universe of literary and musical composition, which he has been developing over the last decade. With a multidisciplinary path as a choreographer, dancer, performer, singer and fado singer, in this album Jonas presents us with a personal testimony of a citizen of Lisbon where the lyrical contemporaneity is poignant.

Using the composition tools of ancient fado, the author has no qualms about using foreign words or swear words to underline the rawness, if the subject so requires. But, above all, the primary function of Fado as a storyteller is highlighted, providing the listener with a parade of images with great proximity and vividness.

In his musical composition, Jonas impregnates his fado with sounds that originate in other territories and does so whenever he feels the song thrives.

With a musical basis based on a classic fado quartet, musical production by Jorge Fernando and with the Valentine de Carvalho publishing seal, the project “São Jorge” proposes a reconnection with the forgotten patron saint of Portugal, an invitation to root with ancestry and with the identity of what it means to be Portuguese, simultaneously exposing episodes of shared life that can belong to any of us.

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