Jonas takes “São Jorge” to LUX

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Jonas presents the album “São Jorge” live in a concert not to be missed on September 30th at Lux.

“São Jorge”, the acclaimed debut album by Jonas, a Lisbon fado singer who gradually asserts himself as one of the most interesting voices in Portuguese music, with his compositions that find harmony and balance between timeless chords and contemporary feeling will be presented to live in LUX on the next 30th of September.

Jonas who has a multidisciplinary path as a choreographer, dancer, performer, singer and fado singer. He now reveals his genius as a lyricist and composer, leaving no one indifferent to his vision of the world.

In “São Jorge” we witness the presentation of the universe of musical and literary composition by Jonas, who over the last decade has been recording the perspective of a citizen who inhabits Lisbon in the century. XXI.

Using the composition tools of ancient fado, the author has no qualms about using foreign words or swear words to underline the rawness, if the subject so requires. But, above all, the primary function of Fado as a storyteller is highlighted, providing the listener with a parade of images with great proximity and vividness.

In his musical composition, Jonas impregnates his fado with sounds that originate in other territories and does so whenever he feels the song thrives. A classic fado quartet – composed  of two Portuguese guitars, viola and double bass – root and complete the sound of an album that featured the excellent musical production of the singular Jorge Fernando.

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