Jonas at the Song Festival

Festival da Canção 2022

  • Interprets “Pontas Soltas” composed by Fábia Rebordão
  • March 7th semifinals

Jonas is one of the performers of Song Festival 2022. The Lisbon artist is one of the most interesting voices of contemporary Fado, an art that lives passionately alongside ballet.

In the next edition of the Song Festival, Jonas performs “Pontas Soltas” at the invitation of composer Fábia Rebordão. Two fadistas who live music intensely, carrying in each word the sensitivity and strength characteristic of the Portuguese soul, creating true indelible works of art in their artistic manifestations.

In “Pontas Soltas”, Jonas delivers everything in the interpretation. Sometimes with delicacy, sometimes with the intensity of someone who loves, approaching each word of the song without shame and showing his intimate, free from ties and totally present in the moment.

The public will be enraptured by Jonas’ interpretation in the 2nd semifinal of the Festival da Canção, scheduled for March 7th. The Final is already scheduled for March 12th.

This is the latest project by Jonas, who last summer introduced the long-awaited “São Jorge“. An album in which he presents his universe of musical and literary composition, which over the last decade has registered the perspective of a citizen who inhabits Lisbon in the 19th century. XXI. A work that highlights the primary function of Fado as a storyteller, providing the listener with a parade of images with great proximity and vividness.

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