Jorge Bom Jesus appointed as prime minister of São Tomé

The president of the Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe today named PMP leader Jorge Bom Jesus as prime minister, a decision that justified the “current correlation of forces” in the parliament and the “superior interests” of the country.

In accordance with Article 81 (g) in conjunction with Article 110 (1), both of the Constitution of the Republic, and on the proposal of the MLSTP-PSD [Liberation Movement of São Tomé and Príncipe – Social Democratic Party], named for the exercise of the post of prime minister and head of the XVII Constitutional Government Mr. Jorge Lopes Bom Jesus “, reads in the decree of the President of São Tomé, Evaristo Carvalho.

The head of state mentioned in the decree that he heard the political parties with parliamentary seats in the National Assembly, resulting from the legislative elections held on October 7, justifying their decision with the “current correlation of political forces in that same assembly, and taking into account the superior interests of the Nation.

The presidential decree “immediately comes into force,” the document said.

According to the source of the presidency of the Sao Tome Republic, the inauguration of the new Government will take place next Saturday, at 11:00 (local time, minus one hour in Lisbon).

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