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Jorge Drexler presents “Tinta y Tiempo” in Lisbon

Centro Cultural de Belém

Jorge Drexler, Uruguayan singer, and composer, the first winner of the Oscar for best original song, with the song in Spanish “Al otro lado del río”, was yesterday at the Great Auditorium of the Centro Cultural de Belém, which received it filled with a knowledgeable public of your work and fan.

The multi-award-winning Uruguayan singer and songwriter, including seven Latin Grammys in 2014, 2018, and 2021, including Best Singer/Songwriter Album with his latest album, with which he is nominated for the 2023 Grammys, returned to Portugal with his new presentation show of “Tinta y Tiempo”.

It was with “El Plan Maestro” and “Deseo” that Jorge Drexler opened the concert, and before continuing he says “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because this was the biggest concert I’ve ever played here, in Lisbon, so thank you very much for selling out this room is a show of love and affection, we have been wanting to return to Lisbon for a long time, since 2019, and it is true that I came to sing with Marisa Monte a short time ago, but it is not the same concert, many things have happened since the last visit, a pandemic, which took the whole world by storm, and an album, which we are presenting today”, then follows with “Corazón Impar”, which talks about not looking for something halfway but wanting everything.

Jorge Drexler > CCB ©Luís M. Serrão -ineews < 2023.02.02

Jorge always tried to frame not only the music but also the time when it was composed, always with a lot of humor, telling how the sales of his first album were a fantastic “success“, he sold 33 records, and he personally knew 32 of these buyers, leading to a room to resounding laughter.

There were many laughs that could be heard during the concert, and much applause from an audience that knew the composer’s work, who had only to mention the name of the song to express themselves noisily, and Jorge took the opportunity to ask for collaboration of the audience to accompany him, either by helping not clapping your hands or tapping your legs or stomping your feet on the floor.

In “!OH, Algorithm!” of his last album, the singer mentions that it is a slightly different theme, firstly because it is ironic, something he doesn’t use much, but also because it has a part in English, written by Noga Erez, who, as he was not present, the singer, apologized for being the one to sing, which resulted in another moment of good mood.

Jorge Drexler > CCB ©Luís M. Serrão -ineews < 2023.02.02

He then sang “Salvapantallas”, a song dedicated to his brothers, his family had no connection to music, but, from one moment to another, everyone started writing songs, and since the brothers weren’t there, he dedicated the song to the “dearestSalvador Sobral, “a brother I have in Portugal”, mentions Jorge Drexler.

Jorge Drexler featured on stage with musicians Borja Barrueta (drums), Meritxell Neddermann (keyboards and vocals), Javier Calequi (guitar and vocals), Carles «Campi» Campón (bass and programming), Alana Sinkëy and Miryam Latrece (vocals).

Magnetic and brilliant, winner of an Oscar, seven Latin Grammys, a Goya in 2011, and a Biznaga de Plata, with songs composed/sung in partnership or performed by many other artists, such as Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Mercedes de Sosa, Mon Laferte, C.Tangana, António Zambujo, Omara Portundo, Gal Costa and Natalia Lafourcade, among others, and he delighted everyone who managed to get a ticket for this magnificent concert.

Cantou então “Salvapantallas” uma musica dedicada aos seus irmãos, a sua família não tinha ligações á musica, mas, de um momento para outro, todos começaram a escrever musicas, e como os irmãos não estavam, dedicou a musica aoqueridíssimoSalvador Sobral, “um irmão que tenho em Portugal”, menciona o Jorge Drexler.

Jorge Drexler contou em palco com os músicos Borja Barrueta (bateria), Meritxell Neddermann (teclados e vozes), Javier Calequi (guitarra e vozes), Carles «Campi» Campón (baixo e programação), Alana Sinkëy e Miryam Latrece (vozes).

Magnético e genial, vencedor de um Óscar, sete Grammys Latinos um Goya em 2011, um Biznaga de Plata, com canções compostas/cantadas em parceria ou interpretadas por tantos outros artistas, como Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Mercedes de Sosa, Mon Laferte, C.Tangana, António Zambujo, Omara Portundo, Gal Costa e Natalia Lafourcade, among others.

Jorge Drexler did not disappoint and once again delighted everyone who managed to get a ticket for this magnificent concert.


Alinhamento do concerto
El Plan Maestro
Corazón Impar
Cinturón Impar
Me Haces Bien
Bendito Desconcierto
Era de Amar
!OH, Algorito!
Tinta Y Tempo
El Dia que Estreneste el Mundo
Milonga del Moro Judio
Vento Sardo
La Guerrilla de la Concordia
Luna de Rasquí
Todo se Transforma
Amor al Arte

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