Jorge Fernando at ‘Há Fado no Cais’ online

Musician, fado singer and producer, Jorge Fernando is one of the most sung composers of Portuguese music. He accompanied Amália Rodrigues around the world and wrote for some of the biggest names in Fado, such as Fernando Maurício, Ricardo Ribeiro, Camané, Ana Moura and Mariza, among many others.

In this celebration concert full of friends, he presented some unpublished themes and revisited his greatest hits. The party was joined by Custódio Castelo, with his Portuguese guitar, and Mariza, who entered the stage with “Rain”, the author’s theme. Tozé Brito awarded him the Medal of Honor on behalf of SPA – Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores.

Jorge Fernando was accompanied by André Dias and Bruno Chaveiro on the Portuguese guitar, Davide Zaccaria on the cello and João Pina on the vocal support.

The concert took place on February 9, 2018. Thanks to the recording of Antena 1, with a recording by Gonçalo Lopes, produced by Cristina Condinho and a voice by Andreia Pinto, we can now hear it on RTP Palco.


Listen to the concert here.

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