Jorge Fonseca finishes judo Masters in fifth place

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Jorge Fonseca had four matches, with two wins and two losses, the last one already in the discussion for the bronze, against the world number one and European champion, the Israeli Peter Paltchik, with whom he had also lost in 2018 in the Masters of Guanhzhou.

The judoka of Sporting thus repeats the classification reached in the Masters of 2018 and 2017, this one in Saint Petersburg, always staying at the podium, in a competition in which Telma Monteiro is the only Portuguese with medals, in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2019.

Until reaching the fight for the medal, Jorge Fonseca had beaten the Croatian Zlatko Kumric (34th), by ‘ippon’, in the mainframe, and the Canadian Shady Elnahas (seventh), already in the recap, and lost with the Dutchman Simeon Catharina (29th) in the access to the semi-finals.

A fight in which Jorge Fonseca had to be assisted, ending up injured in the head area, just as it had happened on the first day with Telma Monteiro, who had also concluded the competition with a head injury.

In the fight for bronze, the Portuguese received two punishments, but still dragged the decision to the golden point, period in which at three minutes, seven in total, suffered the third ‘shido’, and respective ‘ippon’.

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